Do You Have a Binance Demo Account ? How Can We Test Our Operations?

Binance users or users who want to test their strategies before using Binance are wondering if there is a Binance demo futures test, can we open a demo account and test our strategies?

In this very volatile market, every X we use in Leveraged transactions strengthens us against the market many times and increases the losses at the same rate. There may be trading systems we want to try in this market in our minds and Binance should be a demo account to see if they are really useful in practice, but the answer to our question is Unfortunately Binance does not provide a demo account service of its own for now.If we have not opened an account on the Binance exchange yet, you can check our page on how to open an account with 20% and + 25% commission discounts with a lifetime reference code .

For the Binance demo futures test, we only have one option: paper and pen the old fashioned way. As a result of our research, we have seen that there is a lot of demand in this regard. We expect Binance Futures testing service to respond in the near future., which we come across when we search on Google, is most likely not related to binance as a result of our research on a site established for fraudulent purposes. When it comes to money, fraudsters are not idle, so we have to be careful. When logging into the website, it is useful to carefully examine the address in the address bar and pay attention to lowercase errors.

Alternatives to Binance Demo Account

If we want to test Bitcoin transactions with a demo account, we can use deribit exchange, which is more complicated than binance. We can test our cryptocurrency transactions by becoming a member of the site where we will log in at Or, we can test it from the exchange’s mobile application, which is easier to use . When you enter the application, there is a demo account under the name Testnet in the Futures menu. It initially comes loaded with 1000 Usdt demo money. Here we can test our transactions.

Alternatively, there are many Forex firms where we can test Bitcoin transactions and open a demo account. Of course, making crypto money transactions in Forex companies is not like in stock markets. It is not as healthy as Stock Markets due to high scissors rates and many of them not serving on the weekend, but if we want to test ourselves, we can try Forex firms.

Several Forex sites where you can test bitcoin demo accounts

Visit the Etoro site

Visit Plus500 site

Visit TradingView site

To see the list of sites with other Bitcoin demo accounts, you can click on the relevant article, Bitcoin Forex Companies .

Above we have provided links to several Forex companies that we can try out a Bitcoin demo account. We can find other Forex sites by searching Google.