Binance Referral code 20% Commission discount ?

We will explain step by step how to open a Binance referral account, and the most important reference code here is that when opening a Binance account, most investors who do not know this job register without a reference code. Unfortunately, Binance cannot receive a lifetime commission digestion for every transaction it makes from spot markets, Margin and futures when it does not have a reference code.

The reference system is now used as an indispensable standard abroad. The aim here is to contact third parties who advertise the financial system to increase the number of customers and thus to provide privileged opportunities to those who open an account. This system, which is far from the financial markets in our country, entered with TrBinance and Thodex exchanges. Competition conditions started to form gradually in this regard. In other exchanges, it will adapt to changing market conditions over time.

Binance Refarans Code with 20% Commission Discount

When opening a Binance account, we recommend using a reference code on the first registration. Account opened with the Binance Reference code is eligible for a lifetime commission discount . A reference code cannot be added to a previously opened account. You can find a lot of useful information about the Binance exchange on our site. We have prepared this page for our readers who ask us for the reference code and ask how to open an account on Binance.

We share a special reference code with 20% commission discount for visitors . This reference code gives us a permanent 20% commission discount, regardless of the balance in our account. With this discount, we bring 1 out of every 5 transactions for free.

Additional 25% Discount If We Want More

If we wish, in addition to the 20% discount provided by the Refarans code, we can activate the option of pay 25% less for the public commission payments of the Binance exchange with Bnb coin. In this way, we can increase our rate of download to 45% .

It is entirely up to us to use the 25% Bnb commission discount. Anyone can use this discount at any time, whether they have a Binance reference code or not. The important thing here is to open a permanent discounted account using the reference code during the first registration.

Binance Account Opening

Only one e-mail account is sufficient to open an account in the building. Afterwards, we can verify our account and increase the limits.

Binance referenced link for registration 20% + 25 discount (Binance referral code for Binance Spot, Futures and Binance Pool common use)

Binance Account opening If you want to write the Binance Referral link manually, the Binance Reference code is DIWNUBMC

Unreferenced link for registration

How to Open a Binance Account Let’s Start With Pictures

After logging in to our e-mail and password, I am over 18 years old and I accept the binance terms of use. After this step, he will ask us to write the code he sent us to verify our e-mail address.

After we write the verification code, we open our account in a limited way until we perform the authentication process. We can now use the binance exchange.

After confusing us with such a welcome screen, we can go to our account by clicking the go to clipboard button you have seen in the upper right corner.

Binance 2FA Enable

After this stage, he will ask us to activate 2FA, which is very important for the security of our investment.

Let’s enable 2FA so that our savings are not stolen by Hackers. If we do not have information about Google verification, we can ask them to send a verification code when we log in to our account by entering our mobile phone number, just like the system in the same banks.